Annette Kussin


Annette Kussin has been a part-time potter for over 30 years and a member of The Potter’s Studio for over 15 years.   Although she is always frustrated as a part-time potter, she loves the feel of the clay in her hands and the movement of it into a form, flawed as it may be.  Her favourite forms are wide flowing bowls:  she has been called “The Bowl Lady”.  The openness and curvature of these forms has a feminine and expansive feel that she loves to feel and see.  Perhaps it is symbolic of her work as a therapist-- to help people become more open, fluid and grounded. 

Annette loves The Potters Studio for the opportunity to create, socialize and be part of a community of talented potters. 

The following pieces are examples of Annette's work and are not for sale online.