Sharon Weinstein


While Sharon worked as a pharmacist for over 40 years, pottery has been her avocation since the mid-1970s when she began to take classes. Over the years, Sharon took classes from a number of potters including John Jarvis, Jane Mahut, and Chris Thompson. She first joined The Potter’s Studio in 1980 and left while her children were very young. Rejoining in 1995 has provided a place to create, learn and share the joy of potting.

Sharon works mainly on the wheel creating functional pieces, bowls, plates, mugs, etc. and has created over 100 Jewish ritual wine cups (Kiddush cups) which reside in homes in Canada, The United States and Israel.

Sharon feels that working with clay has limitless potential and takes inspiration from potters’ creations she has seen both locally and in her travels. Colour, shape, texture, and the delight in the finished piece never gets old!

The following pieces are examples of Sharon's art and are not for sale online.