Technology Consultant RFP


Request for Proposal for Technology Services

Due end of day, September 21, 2023

The Potter’s Studio Inc. 1550 Birchmount Road, Unit 116, Toronto, Ontario M1P 2H1


All written and oral information and materials disclosed or provided by The Potter’s Studio Inc., to the ‘bidder’ during the bidding and/or services delivery phase of the project constitutes Confidential Information which is the exclusive property of The Potter’s Studio.

I    Business Background

The Potter’s Studio is a non-profit co-operative for approximately 50 non-professional ceramic artists.  Membership has grown slowly over our 51-year history, with all members contributing to the running of the studio.  The Studio may be accessed by members at any time, but as we have no professional management, the Studio may also be empty at any time.  The Studio generates revenue from the following businesses:

  •  Annual membership fees paid by the potters.
  • Classes sold to the public.
  • Ceramic pots sold online and in our spring and fall in-studio pottery sales.
  • Take-home ceramic kits sold online and in our in-studio sales.
  • Sale of potting materials (clay and tools) to members and students.

Our previous Studio located in Thorncliffe Park was recently expropriated to make way for the new Metrolinx line and we have found new space at 1550 Birchmount.  As a result of this change, we are growing the business and find that we need more expertise to support our technology.  For more information on our business, please see our website at

Three members are comfortable with technology but do not have specific knowledge in our software.  The technology we are currently using is listed below:

  •  An online store on the Shopify platform on which we sell pots, classes and materials.
  • We also use the site to send a monthly email to our mailing list of about 2,200 customers.
  • A presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Interface between Shopify and our accounting software - Xero.
  • Google account with an email address for the studio and common document storage.

 II   Services Required

      The Studio believes it has two key technology needs.

     1.  A brief documentation of recommendations including:

  • Review of how we are using the website and Google accounts for appropriateness.
  • Improving our search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Where/how to store documents securely to allow different levels of access to people that will change approximately annually. Can members access this through Shopify?
  • How to store website content (photos, videos).
  • How to set up generic email addresses for certain Studio functions (Treasurer, Classes, etc.) that can be pointed to different members over time.
  • A user-friendly process for members to load pots onto the Shopify site.

      2.   Implementation of recommendations and ongoing management

 We have one member currently dedicated to managing the website.  Our concern is that this is not necessarily a reliable approach if the member should leave, be on vacation or have other obstacles, such as illness.  However, we do expect this member to be able to help/participate in implementation in order to manage costs.

Ongoing management includes the following tasks.  We have also included our first take on how we might be able to split up these tasks, but welcome your input on this.



Studio member


Administration of the website, including security, user permissions, page content, quarterly classes, materials, kits


Upload and manage pots provided by members


Create new product lines/collections


Create member biographies and representative pots


Create member access to key documents, such as job descriptions and leases


Manage documents and access on an ongoing basis


Create marketing content storage (photos, videos)


Manage marketing content and access on an ongoing basis


Create Studio email addresses for specific members


Recommend strategies to maximize search engine


Occasional support for financial information for Treasurer


Better Xero accounting software interface including

sales data breakdown (individual potter, sales, studio and potter commissions, HST, transaction and credit card fees)



III  Your Proposal Contents

 Any questions may be directed to Terrie Miller at  Proposals are due by end of day September 21, 2023 and can be sent to this email address. 

 Please include the following information. 

 1.  Your business background including its age, nature of work, nature of clients, exposure to not for profit, non-profit and/or arts organizations.

 2.  Three references including names, email addresses and phone numbers and nature of work performed.

 3.  A signed non-disclosure agreement

 4.  How you would develop your recommendations for us

  • What you need from us
  • What you would provide
  • How long it would take to develop your recommendations
  • Cost for development
  • Cost for ongoing support services.

 5.  How you could help us with implementation and any issues you would like to discuss to determine the best approach working together. 

  • Your standard hourly rate
  • How you would propose to help us manage/reduce implementation costs
  • How you would break out and price the tasks required
  • How available you are in case of an urgent short-notice situation
  • What training you think we may need and how you would help with that

 IV  Budget   $3,000 to $5,000

Thank you for your interest in the success of our Studio.  We look forward to your response.

The Potter’s Studio Inc., Board of Directors, Fiscal 2023-24