Become a Member


The Potter’s Studio is a cooperative not-for-profit organization managed and operated by an elected Board of Directors via structured committees that require the regular participation of all members.  Our mission is to provide a place for developing potters to work, learn and share ideas and expertise.

To ensure the safety and sustainability of the studio, selection criteria have been established for new members. If you are interested in membership, please email to receive a New Member Application Form that you can fill in and return by email or regular mail with photos of your work.

 Obligations of Membership

  • Assigned committee work as a critical part of studio membership:  active participation on a committee is mandatory.  Mentoring and training of duties to be performed on each committee is provided to new members.  Committees include kiln, glaze, sales, materials and education.
  • Participation in the Studio's Semi-Annual Show and Sales, which includes preparation and cleaning of the Studio, as well as daily sales duties.
  • Attendance at four Studio meetings per year.
  • Provision of your own clay and tools.
  • Annual membership fee.
  • Six months' probation.

 Privileges of Membership

  • Access to the Studio 24/7
  • Use of all equipment: wheels, kilns, glazes, slab roller, spray booth and moulds for hand-building
  • Voting on Studio governance issues
  • Optional participation in all Studio and online sales of your own pots
  • Access to workshops at a non-profit fee
  • Free access to Raku firings
  • Assigned mentor during probation
  • Locker or cubby