Become a Member

Membership at The Potter's Studio

We hope you’ll join us in developing potters who like to work, learn, and share pottery ideas and expertise!

As a not-for-profit cooperative, The Potter’s Studio is self-managed and operates through an elected Board of Directors and structured member committees, making it essential for all members to participate in committee rotations to ensure the studio space is well maintained and runs efficiently.  For the safety and sustainability of the studio, selection criteria have been established for new members.  Details are provided in the membership application and include the need for previous pottery experience. 

How to become a member

If you are interested in membership, please email the Studio with your phone number.  You will receive a follow-up phone call to discuss, followed by a New Member Application Form that you can fill in and return, with a few photos of your work, either:

  • By email to with "Membership' in the subject line, or
  • By mail to The Potter’s Studio Inc, 1550 Birchmount Rd., Unit 116, Scarborough, ON M1P 2H1   Attention: Membership Head.

Our  membership year starts June 1, so we actively interview in the spring.

Membership Requirements

Membership Benefits

·        Assigned committee work for Kiln, Glaze, Sales, Materials or Education

·        Committee leadership or an administrative role once you’ve been here for a while

·        Participation in semi-annual sales by supporting preparations, cleaning and daily sales duties

·        Regular cleaning duties

·        Attendance at regular Studio meetings

·        Adherence to our Rules and Regulations and By-Laws

·        Purchase of Studio clay, provision of your own tools

·        24/7 access to full Studio facilities

·        Access to all equipment: wheels, kilns, glazes, slab roller, spray booth and moulds for hand-building

·        Access to all Studio sales to sell your pots

·        Opportunity to profile your work on Studio website

·        Access to workshops for a small cost

·        Access to Raku firings

·        Mentor for new members during your six-month probation.

·        Participation and voting privileges at Annual General Meetings

·        Your own locker or cubby