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Paint Pots

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Our newest ceramic take-home kit allows you to paint pre-made bowls at home.  Congratulations! We are glad you have this opportunity to design and paint your bowls at home.This would be a great activity for the holidays, friends' get-together and more. These kits are always available for online purchases and at our semi-annual Spring and Fall sales.

Kit Contents

  • 2 bisqued white bowls:  a medium (11 cm diameter X 6 cm high) and a small (6 cm diameter X 5 cm high)
  • 4 small containers of underglaze:  red, black, green and purple
  • 1 paintbrush

 CAUTION: Only use underglazes provided by the studio.

Other Useful Tools

  • Use a sheet of hard plastic or newspaper for a work surface
  • Use a yogurt or other container as your water bowl, as well as a sponge for clean-up
  • Use a toothbrush for sprinkling underglaze on either the inside or outside of the bowls

Design ideas could be taken from pattern books, clip art, zen doodles, drawn on paper or just ideas in your head. Shapes from nature or animals work well.