Rodney Yip

Inspired by nature, Rodney Yip's pieces are forms and scenes taken from experiences as a scuba diver and traveler.  Each piece tells a story.

As a metal artist, Rodney is familiar with oxy-acetylene welding and plasma cutters and used them to create living scenes out of steel.  The medium, however, had its limitations.  Seeking a different hands-on experience, Rodney took classes at The Potter's Studio in 2012 and fell in love with the richness of the results. 

As a ceramic artist, he enjoys experimenting with the diverse capabilities of clay, often with "disastrous" results.  At each stage of the process, you have to take chances with the piece:  sometimes the piece is a success, sometimes not.  “You won't grow unless you try different things.  Joining the studio has allowed me to exercise different parts of my brain -- ones that control creativity and analytics," says Rodney. 

The following pieces are examples of Rodney's art and are not for sale online.